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Agnieszka Izabela Baruk



Agnieszka Izabela Barkuk 
Marketing personalny a kreowanie wizerunku firmy
Personnel marketing and creating a firm's image
In the paper the theoretical and practical aspects of personnel marketing were presented. The main aim of this work was proving the hypothesis that proper realizing personnel activity played the role of the key factor in creating positive firm's image and gaining strong position in the turbulent market. Mentioned idea was described on the base of results of desk and field researches related to attitudes, opinions and activities of employees, middle managers and top managers from Polish and foreign enterprises.
The main reason which makes this idea so important is growing role of the human system in modern firm what decides about its unique features. So this system can't longer be treated only as resources but must be perceived in the dual category: as system of organization's members and system of inner and outer customers. That's why their individual and group needs must be identified and monitored to satisfy them in the optimal way. In the paper the special atten tion was paid to classification all addressees of personnel marketing and their private and professional desires and needs. These activities make proper realizing the following stages of personnel marketing possible. It relates to gaining new employees, their development, motivation, coaching, auditing, outplacement etc., which were shown in the work from point of view theory and practice.
Two parts of the work are very important. The first one presents the actual state of personnel activity in Polish firms where field deepened researches were conducted. In researched organizations many disfunctions were identified (for example the lack of preparing personnel plans, the lack of individual approach to employees, treating employees in object way etc.), which may be eliminated through using indexes proposed in chapter VI and changing present approach to marketing including transaction marketing and personnel marketing on integrated marketing-mix proposed in chapter VII.
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