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In the Sub-department of Animal Anatomy there are taught: Animal Anatomy as well as Topographical Anatomy for Veterinary Medicine students. Moreover, it teaches the facultative subjects- Surgical Anatomy of Small Animals.


During classes students can acquire detailed anatomy knowledge by dissections of domestic animals (horses, cattle, sheep, pigs, dogs, cats and birds). They can learn to both Latin and English anatomical names as a background for further clinical experience.




Animal Anatomy


The anatomy course lasts three semesters in the first and second years of Veterinary Medicine. Practical classes are compulsory. There are 15 classes, each of them lasts 3h and they are held in both ossary and prossectory labs A or B in Collegium Vetrinarium. During the first classes students get familiar with the prossectory and safety regulations.


Each student must have suitable knowledge about the subject of the ongoing classes.


White medical apron, white medical shoes and dissecting set (scalpel, tweezers, medical gloves) are obligatory.



One semester include 15 lectures (2h each) which are held in Lecture Hall A in Collegium Veterinarium.