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Angowski Marek


Marek Angowski PhD




Marek Angowski PhD  has been working at The  University of Life Sciences since 1996. A graduate of The Economic Faculty  in  UMCS  Lublin. He defended doctoral thesis  in economic sciences in 2004 at UMCS Lublin. Within TEMPUS program  he pursued a traineeship at University  in Florence. Participant of ERASMUS program and  within the framework of which  he delivered  the  lectures in the scope of rural areas development in  Slovakia, Latvia, Italy.  In 2012 and 2014 within Erasmus+ Teaching Staff Mobility program, Visiting Scholar he delivered the lectures  concerning Market Research and Analysis, Project Cycle Management, Management of Rural Areas Development  at Aleksandras Stulginskis University of Kaunas in Lithuania.As far as research-didactic activity  concerned his interests encompass  marketing and management problems in enterprises of agribusiness sector, research  and analysis of food market consumers  behaviors as well as entrepreneurship  development on rural areas. 


Promoter of about 200 dissertations; master’s thesis, license’s  thesis, engineer’s  thesis at Economy, Commodity Sciences, Agribusiness. He combines  his didactic activity with practice through managing  Postgraduate Study  in Marketing and Management in Agribusiness, cooperation  with territorial self-government  (making expert opinions) as well as conducting trainings  within  entrepreneurship   supporting. He is an author of over 50 science  publications ( also in English), expert opinions as well as research and scientific studies. Participant of  many conferences both domestic  and  international  within competitiveness and management in agribusiness, marketing and consumers behaviors. The Secretary of   Agriculture and Agribusiness  Economists Association  Congress in 2008 and 2014. Co-contractor of scientific grant of National Center of Sciences “ Services distribution modeling  in network economy”  (NCN number UMO-2014/13/B/HS4/01612) realized in UMCS Lublin from 2015.


The member of  Agriculture and Agribusiness  Economists  Association, Polish Scientific Society of Marketing as well as Polish Economic Society  - Lublin Division  ( former vice president, secretary and member of board). Awarded  in 2013 by Minister of  Agriculture and Country Development  by decorating with an  honor order  “ WELL –DESERVED FOR AGRICULTURE” . In 2016 decorated with an  Honor Order of The University of Life Sciences   in Lublin.  Laureate of individual prizes of The University of Life Sciences  Rector  for scientific and organizational achievements.   



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