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Didactic activity


General information:

Biochemistry course covers 2 semester and 150 didactic hours.

Frontal lectures (30 h per semester) are in weekly intervals during 15 consecutive weeks 2 h each and cover selected topics necessary to understand metabolism of aminoacids, nucleic acids, sugars and lipids. Moreover, the control and regulation of metabolic pathways is discussed.


Practical classes (45 h per semester) are obligatory and are in weekly intervals during 15 consecutive weeks 3 h each. Students carry on chemical experiments by their own. Students should be prepared for coming class.

Detailed rules of laboratory classes and work safety are available on web page and will be described during the first class. White coat is required for practical classes.


Students get access to digital platform with virtual cases for self-study.


Detailed description of topics is available in Syllabuses.


Lectures are held in Lecture hall A – Collegium Veterinarium

Practicals are held in laboratory no 120 – Collegium Veterinarium


Person responsible for Biochemistry:

Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Prof dr hab Marta Kankofer – Collegium Veterinarium, room no 218 (groundfloor)



Dates Title of Class

Aminoacid composition of protein


Physico-chemical properties of proteins


Quantitative methods for protein determinations

 14.03.2019 Evaluation of knowledge – AMINOACIDS, PEPTIDES, PROTEINS

Enzymatic kinetics 1


Enzymatic kinetics 2


Enzymatic kinetics 3

 11.04.2019 Evaluation of knowledge – ENZYMES, COENZYMES
 25.04.2019 Nucleic acids

Protein separation methods (sieve chromatography)


Methods for purification and separation of biological material - seminar

 23.05.2019 Evaluation of knowledge – NUCLEIC ACIDS, BIOSYNTHESIS OF PROTEIN
 30.05.2019 Completion of practicals – evaluation of practical skills


Supplementary materials


Item Files








Koolman J, Roehm KH – Color atlas of biochemistry

Kaneko et al. – Clinical biochemistry of domestic animals

Salway JE – Medical biochemistry at a glance

Harper`s biochemistry

 Stryer - Biochemistry

 Ron Fry – How to study?




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