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Didactic activity


General information:


Chemistry course covers 1 semester and 45 didactic hours.
Frontal lectures (15 h per semester) are in weekly intervals during 8 consecutive weeks 2 h each and cover selected topics necessary to follow biochemistry course.
Practical classes (30 h per semester) are obligatory and are in weekly intervals during 10 consecutive weeks 3 h each. Students carry on chemical experiments by their own. Students should be prepared for coming class.
Detailed rules of laboratory classes and work safety are available on web page and will be described during the first class. White coat is required for practical classes.
Lectures are held in Lecture hall A – Collegium Veterinarium
Practicals are held in laboratory no 120 – Collegium Veterinarium
Person responsible for Chemistry:
Dr Witold Kędzierski – Collegium Veterinarium, room no 426 (2nd floor)
Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine


Dates Title of Class
 02-10-2019 Safety rules in laboratory work
 09-10-2019 Identification of ions
 16-10-2019 Buffers and solutions
 23-10-2019 Titration
 30-10-2019 Colloquium I
 13-11-2019 Organic chemistry
 20-11-2019 Dialysis and absorption
 27-11-2019 Lipids
 04-12-2019 Carbohydrates
 11-12-2019 Colloquium II and practical exam of laboratory skills 


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Lecture 7





John T. Moore: Chemistry for dummies Whiley Publishing, Inc.

John T. Moore and Richard H. Langley: Biochemistry for dummies Whiley Publishing, Inc.



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